Costs Related to the Sale of Your Home

Expected Seller Expenses

Attorney fee – if desired, not required in FL

Owners title insurance policy
$150,000 = $825, $250,000 = $1,325, $350,000 = $1,825, 500,000 = $2,575

Preparation of deed and title fees $250 - $450
Florida state documentary stamps on deed (.70 on each $100)
Real Estate Commissions 6% of sale price
Processing fee to Jones & Co Realty $299
Prorations of real property taxes to day of closing
Estoppel Fee if HOA $250

Prorations of (HOA) maintenance fees to day of closing – if applicable Existing mortgage payoff – if applicable

For Cape Coral home owners with an assessments balance. The buyer will often assume the assessment. The balance may also become a negotiation point.